Exhibition-Catering & Event Catering for Dusseldorf & Cologne

Dear Exhibitor:

While we cannot bring you the stars from the heaven, Exhibition Catering Sommer can offer you exceptional catering service, at reasonable prices.


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As an exhibitor at trade fairs in Duesseldorf and/or Cologne, you most certainly will need the service of a good and reliable caterer, organisers .

Food Cateringtap-installation

With almost 30 years of international trade show experience, we provide you with a fast and efficient beverage, sandwich and fingerfood service. Deliveries prior to the exhibition and a daily replenishment, if requested, will be provided promptly and reliably.
As competent exhibition stand supplier we furnish environmentally friendly items including beer, softdrink dispensers / Tap Installations, and other quality products at affordable prices.


For your convenience we accept major credit cards.

We promise you will notice the difference Exhibition Service Sommer can make in your trade fair experience.

Of course, we speak English, German and Spanish. Should you also need help with stand construction or interpreters, we would be happy to provide you with referrals.

To conveniently order beverages, snacks, drink dispensers and other core items for your stand

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Looking forward to hearing from you, we remain,

Sincerely yours,